JVOR Rules


Stock class
• Vehicle should be licensed.
• Can have one outside modification limited to intake, headers, throttle body spacers, ignition systems, etc.
• Tires must measure or be stamped 33 inch DOT tire or what is on the door of your factory vehicle.
• Need a bench seat or two buckets in vehicle cab.
• Vehicle will meet all requirements of D.O.T. Laws.
• Diesel trucks are allowed but have to be stock, no (over sized exhaust, no controllers installed).
• We should not see black smoke from your exhaust pipe while you power brake.
• NOTE: Three club members may decide to allow a vehicle into this class based on common sense.

Street Stock/Tropy Class-No Payouts
1st,2nd,&3rd Place recieve trophies and entry fee back.
• Vehicle should be licensed.
• Need to pull 15 inches of vacuum at a live manifold port running 1000 rpm’s.
• Tire size can’t exceed 35 DOT.
• Converter can’t stall any higher than 2200 rpm’s.
• No alcohol or race gas.
• No aftermarket electronic fuel injection or aftermarket throttle body engines allowed. Only 3 modifications allowed. Ignition systems are counted as a modification.
• No Diesel engines allowed.
• No gutting of the truck allowed.
• NOTE: Three club members may decide to allow a vehicle into this class based on common sense.
Mod stock class
• Vehicle should appear to be licensable.
• Can have two of the engine modifications listed (cam, aluminum intake, aluminum heads, after market heads, headers, throttle body spacers, aftermarket fuel injection and programmer chip).
• Tire size must not exceed 36 inch DOT tire.
• No alcohol, pressurized fuel, nitrous, zoomies or after market forced air induction allowed.
• For the rest of the truck you need both head lights to work, tail lights, wipers, brake lights and dash must be installed with all interior still in vehicle with the exception of carpet.
• Need seats installed, one bench seat or two buckets in the cab.
• Must have bumpers on the truck. We don’t care about suspension lifts, radios, speaker, toppers or tail gates missing.
• NOTE: Three club members may decide to allow a vehicle into this class based on common sense.
Mod class
• Truck should appear like a truck.
• No alcohol, pressurized fuel, nitrous, blowers, paddle or cut tires. Zoomies are allowed.
• Any DOT size tire allowed.
• Both head lights should work on the vehicle.
• Need a driver’s seat only.
• Need a fire extinguisher bolted down.
• No tubed chassis or rear engine mounting behind cab.
• Body panel trimming is allowed for tire clearance.
• Carpet, door panels, head liners and other burnable material in the cab can be removed.
• No removing any metal structure from the inside of the cab
• NOTE: If the structure of the body is at question for your safety we will not allow you to race unless you have a 4 or 6 point roll cage built in.
Open class
• You bring it, we’ll tech it to decide if its spectator and operator safe.
• Fires extinguisher required. Fire suit required for all opened bodied vehicles and recommended for all others.
• If you came from Mod Class you are ok to race.
• Open bodied vehicles are required to have a 6 point roll cage and at least a 5 point harness.
• Judge’s ruling is final! JVOR reserves the right to add to, delete, supersede or modify any rules that are deemed necessary, by JVOR officials, for the betterment and /or safety of racing
• All drivers are aware that auto racing involves risks and that by competing in an event the driver assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge
• JVOR reserves the right to deny entry of any vehicle; at least 3 JVOR techs will make the final placement decision
• If safety of vehicle is in question, at least 2 JVOR techs must approve safety of vehicle
• All drivers are required to wear a DOT approved helmet and seat belts while racing.
• A working fire extinguisher is mandatory in all open bodied vehicles and recommended for all other vehicles
• Any open bodied vehicle must have a full face helmet and fire suit. See Open Class Rules.
• Vehicles without non-altered factory tops covering drivers are required to have at least a 6 point roll-cage attached to frame and at least a 5 point safety harness, subject to tech inspection
• Vehicle must have functional brakes
• No passengers allowed while racing
• No alcohol consumption by racers
• While in or on the land of the race, no tearing around with trucks or recreational vehicles, including racers and pit crew members.
• JVOR reserves the right to disqualify any racer suspected of alcohol consumption prior to or during races on race day
• JVOR decisions are premised upon the intent and spirit of these rules.
• Any truck that registers after registration deadline may still register but will take a first round loss.
• Anyone on premises found to be in violation of these rules are subject to being evicted from premises.